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Some of the benefits of Radiant Floor Heating are that it is completely quiet, that's right absolutely no noise or blowing of dry air, It gives you complete control of temperature room by room in your house. Radiant Floor Heating has even heat distribution and will not effect the furniture placement as it uses no radiators or heat vents. It is easy to install, is 100% energy efficient and there are no filters to change or clean. There is no dust or dirt forced into your air to breathe.

The features of most Radiant Floor Heating Systems include: Overall height of the floor is only an additional 1/8 inch or less, they are designed to heat the floor to a temperature of 84 to 88 degrees F., once turned on the system warms the floor extremely fast because the heating elements are so close to the surface. Radiant Floor Heating Systems are available with a full range of controls that run your system using between 10 and 15 watts per square foot and Radiant Floor Heating systems are available in a variety of sizes.

Radiant Floor Heating heats the floor with electrical resistance cables that are spread evenly and sandwiched between layers of durable fabric. The fabrics used vary depending on the manufacturer or brand. Some use mortar with heating mats or rolls of heating sheets. All these options are easy to install yourself or can be quickly installed by your flooring installer. If you chose to install the system yourself, you will want to have a certified electrician hook up the controls to a programmable thermostat.

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