Warmboard Radiant Subfloor

Product Type: Hydronic Radiant Heat
Brand: Warmboard

"Warmboard combines a structural subfloor and a thermodynamically sophisticated radiant panel into one simple component of your radiant heating system."

  • Stiff 1-1/8" thick, 4′ X 8′ sheet of weather-resistant plywood
  • Modular pattern of channels in top surface
  • Aluminum sheet stamped to match the channel pattern bonded to panel
  • Can be sawn, nailed or screwed directly to floor joists
  • Infinite variety of tubing layouts
  • High conductivity
  • Low thermal mass
  • Heat flows efficiently and evenly
  • Quick warm up and response to controls
  • Lowest water temperatures necessary for operation in the industry


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    Heating is very important. It will take the winter months a lot easier to manage. I do not know that you could install heating into the floor, I might have to get that someday.

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    Great product for heat distribution, but don't buy their advice to lay wood floors directly to it. I used quarter-sawn oak to prevent popping per their recommendation. Ready sound transfer and pressure creaks when walking were huge disappointments. Could of limited both with an inexpensive underlayment.